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Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS)
BMVBS is focusing on urban development in Germany with special focus on dynamic change and great challenges posed by city spaces. Visitors at the Indo-German Urban Mela Chennai learn about the innovative technological solutions for sustainable construction in urban cities.

MUMBAI13 Apr 2012 to 22 Apr 2012

Venue Cross Maidan Garden
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

BANGALORE22 Jun 2012 to 01 Jul 2012

Venue Palace Grounds next to Bangalore Palace
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

CHENNAI24 Aug 2012 to 02 Sep 2012

Venue YMCA College, Nandanam
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

Urban Development in Germany - City Spaces: Dynamic Change and Great Challenges

Cities are the driving forces of development, innovation and creativity and crucial for the international competitiveness of a country. Cities reflect the state of the economy and of the cultural and social status of the German society in the heart of Europe. Cities have unique cultural and architectural qualities, strong social integrating powers and extensive economic development potential. Strengthening this potential continuously is an essential prerequisite for prosperity and growth in Germany and Europe.

Government, society and industry need to join forces to find solutions which are sustainable but at the same time take into account the simultaneously ongoing urbanization and the increasingly rapid societal changes. Innovation, sustainability, technology, education and social equity are the cornerstones and driving forces of German urban policy – starting with the smallest unit, the house, and going over to development concepts for the city as a whole.

Against this background, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development’s exhibition addresses the key areas of German and European urban development policy. At the same time it shows innovative technological solutions for sustainable construction, using the example of an “Efficiency House Plus”. It is a taste of what is already possible today but also a glimpse of the changes that are to be expected in the following years in the field of innovation and technology. 

In the pavilion you will find an exhibition on the Efficiency House Plus and a model of the house that can be seen in Berlin at the moment. You will also find a comprehensive panorama of the most urgent questions that urban development in Germany needs to address. The main focus is on Germany, however the displayed fields, problems and solutions are international and transferable. They can serve as a starting point for a global exchange on strategies for how to deal with development trends in urban spaces.

  • Tradition and Heritage - The European city as an obligation and an opportunity
  • Public Spaces - Public spaces as a showcase and a catalyst for the city
  • Living and Neighbourhood - The city guarantees opportunities and social cohesion
  • Economy and Commerce - Cities and regions as drivers of development and innovation
  • Education and Science – Link-ups between education, research and industry as elements of urban development
  • Mobility and Traffic – Resource-efficient mobility ensures economic competitiveness
  • Climate and Sustainability – The fight against climate change and the transformation of our energy system – The future of the cities as a global responsibility.