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Bosch - Invented for life
Visitors learn about innovative solutions to improve quality of life at the Indo-German Urban Mela Chennai.  A Bosch official showcases solutions in E-mobility, Driving Safety, Energy Solutions, Renewable Energies, Power Tools and Safety and Security.

MUMBAI13 Apr 2012 to 22 Apr 2012

Venue Cross Maidan Garden
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

BANGALORE22 Jun 2012 to 01 Jul 2012

Venue Palace Grounds next to Bangalore Palace
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

CHENNAI24 Aug 2012 to 02 Sep 2012

Venue YMCA College, Nandanam
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

NEW DELHI27 Oct 2012 to 04 Nov 2012

Venue Indraprastha "Millennium" Park, Gate No. 1, Ring Road, Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi - 110013.
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!

PUNE11 Jan 2013 to 20 Jan 2013

Venue Deccan College Ground, Deccan College Road, Yerawada
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

Mobility Solutions for the future

Mobility for the future is an epoch in the lives of the people of the 21st century. Industries across the world are going through a period of transition and certainly Bosch is marking its name by being the harbinger of this change. At Bosch we are relentlessly trying to reduce the consumption of fuel by cars by at least another 30 percent as we simultaneously prepare for the gradual transition to electro mobility.

To vigorously develop mobility solutions that will be needed in the probable and more distant future has always been at the center of Bosch’s functioning.  To innovate and develop solutions and technology that aims for a cleaner, safer and economical tomorrow has been Bosch’s prime most driving factor.

Increased traffic safety - Active safety systems in the vehicle reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. They help the driver to handle potentially dangerous traffic situations. If an accident cannot be avoided, however, passive safety systems step in to protect vehicle occupants, and pedestrians as far possible from serious injury. Bosch’s Active safety systems in vehicles ensure increased traffic safety while also reducing the risk of being involved in an accident.  

The Antilock Braking System (ABS) from Bosch prevents the wheels from locking. If any of the wheels begin to lock, ABS intervenes and ensures the vehicle remains steerable and stable. The obstacle can thus be avoided. The Bosch ESP® electronic stability program is a prime example of an active safety system. International studies reveal that it can help prevent around 80 percent of all skidding accidents. Bosch developed this system and was the first company to launch it. ESP® provides the basis for numerous new added-value functions that improve safety, comfort and agility.

Energy Solutions

Helping to ensure a sustainable future for our planet is at the top of Bosch’s agenda. The company therefore strives to develop and produce technologies for a safer, cleaner, and more efficient energy supply. From small-scale plants for single family homes to finished large-scale photovoltaic projects, Bosch offers high-quality solar cells and modules for photovoltaic power generation. With its high-efficiency crystalline and thin film products, Bosch consciously focuses on a sustainable, environmentally friendly type of silicon and CIS-based solar power generation. 

The Eco Plus Home, a model house that is ready for series production, aims to prove that it is possible to generate a virtually CO2-free energy supply exclusively from renewable energies while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. The building technology supplied by Bosch includes an electric heat pump, a solar thermal system, and a photovoltaic installation. While a conventional home generates average CO2 emissions of around eight metric tons, the Eco Plus Home reduces this figure to virtually zero.

Infrastructure Solutions

Security has become of paramount importance in today’s world; modern cities require modern facilities to keep the citizens safe and secure.  Bosch is working towards making the cities safer with its innovative and high quality solutions that include: video surveillance, intrusion, access and fire alarm. 

The last few decades have seen a spurt in the establishment of small and medium sized enterprises across the world. With a view to serve these enterprises and help them realize their dreams, Bosch is working on solutions like portable electric power tools and power tools accessories. Trendsetting developments for working on wood, metal, concrete and for cordless tools are setting new standards. Technical advancement at Bosch Power Tools ensures that the work is easier for professionals and increases their efficiency. As the saying always goes with innovations from Bosch, you are always one step ahead.