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Lapp India

MUMBAI13 Apr 2012 to 22 Apr 2012

Venue Cross Maidan Garden
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

BANGALORE22 Jun 2012 to 01 Jul 2012

Venue Palace Grounds next to Bangalore Palace
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

CHENNAI24 Aug 2012 to 02 Sep 2012

Venue YMCA College, Nandanam
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

PUNE11 Jan 2013 to 20 Jan 2013

Venue Deccan College Ground, Deccan College Road, Yerawada
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome
Safe Home.Safe Cities

Urbanisation leads to a “connected” society -Rapid urbanisation has been the catalyst in the massive infrastructure development we have seen since last five years in India. With the growth of high rise buildings, multiplexes, modern offices, malls, retail outlets, basement parking, underground metro stations, electrical installations in such locations play an important role in providing more comfort to the community at large. In today’s connected societies, wires and cables have become an integral part of our homes and offices and are extensively used in electrical and electronic equipment for power supply, internal connections and communication from one device to another.

Poor Quality of Building Wires : Fire mishaps caused by short circuit can be attributed to the usage of low quality insulation material which is not flame retardant.  In addition, most of the building wires used are PVC which contains chlorine, when the wire catches fire, the chlorine reacts with oxygen present giving out dense toxic smoke and also emits corrosive acids. The toxic smoke emitted numbs the brain activity, causes irritation, impairs vision and prevents a person from locating a safe exit thereby creating panic during emergency situations.

Socio-Economic Impact of Fire accidents: Fire accidents on account on poor quality of wiring solutions can make a huge impact on the socio-economic quality of life of an urban citizen The biggest task at hand is to make the facilities safe and secured from any catastrophe like fire. Research points out that more than 15% of fire accidents occur due to the poor quality of wiring . An estimate describes the loss of life due to electrical fire accidents in two parts: one-third of deaths happens due to primary burning/electric shock and two-third of deaths happen due to inhaling of toxic gases. It just goes to show that smoke emitted from burning of cables and wires have lead to more deaths than burning itself. These details points to poor wiring solutions as the main cause of majority of loss.

The Lapp Solution: Lapp Group has worked towards providing safe cabling solutions since its inception. The organisation has been promoting Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) wires and cables with high sustainability constants for diverse industries. The prime benefit of HFFR wires and cables is that they stop flame propagation through the sockets in which they are laid. They do not emit acidic gases, in-turn reducing the fatality because of smoke. Taking it further, the Lapp Group also offers Fire Survival (FS) cables which provide protection against short circuit even while burning under fire.  The company also contributes to “green cause” by offering reliable and efficient cabling for Solar and Wind Energy.

Lapp Centre of Excellence: Apart from setting standards in the industry, Lapp India also serves the society by being a responsible Corporate. Lapp has sponsored Centres of Excellence to improve the quality of teaching and impart practical skills to students in critical areas of cables, cable accessories and systems. Currently two such centres have been set up -  at the R V College of Engineering , Bangalore &  PSG College of Engineering, Coimbatore. The faculty have been trained at the Oscar Lapp Academy, Stuttgart. The centres serve as an ideal link between the industry and the next generation of technocrats.

By being in constant dialogue with electrical consultants, architects, builders, the student community and general public at large and through constant innovation through research and development, the Lapp Group is well geared for offering safety solutions, keeping pace with the increased safety requirements of the building and infrastructure sector.

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Only a Safe Home can help build a Safe City.