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METRO - Cash & Carry
The digitalised Spin and Win wheel at the Metro Cash & Carry Pavilion.

BANGALORE22 Jun 2012 to 01 Jul 2012

Venue Palace Grounds next to Bangalore Palace
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry - All are welcome

NEW DELHI27 Oct 2012 to 04 Nov 2012

Venue Indraprastha "Millennium" Park, Gate No. 1, Ring Road, Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi - 110013.
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!

METRO Cash & Carry India is a partner in the sustainable transition from rural to urban India.

As the leader in organized wholesale in the country, METRO Cash & Carry India excels in the sustainable development of the country and is a local partner for India, bringing rural and urban India closer together. As the populations of new mega-cities such as Bangalore or Chennai increase, and with existing mega-cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi tripling in size by 2050, the demand for fresh and local food will also rise dramatically. Most of the food is produced in rural areas of the country and hence has to be transported to the city. During this process, approximately 30% of fruits and vegetables perish due to a lack of cold storage and ill-equipped warehouses all over India.

In order to solve these problems and be a relevant part in India’s sustainable development process, METRO Cash & Carry offers unique solutions along the entire supply chain.  Key among these has been the establishment of Fruit & Vegetable Collection Centres in key States across the country, that facilitate the direct procurement of produce from farmers without involving middlemen.  METRO also offers extended farmer training programs aimed at helping farmers adopt sustainable crop production techniques and improve the quality of their produce. METRO’s clients, therefore, are able to enjoy only the freshest and most high quality products, thanks to this systemic supply chain management, which makes it possible to ensure a safe and sustainable supply of food for the growing population in Indian urban areas.

Highlights of the pavilion: Experience METRO Cash & Carry India!

At the METRO Cash & Carry India Pavilion, the company will showcase their work in the area of F&V Collection Centres, Quality Training, supply chain management and about their presence and development in India through information architecture in the “infotainment”-part. Through state-of-the-art projection techniques, personalized standees will explain the stories of two farmers and two chefs, describing how METRO Cash & Carry India contributed to their life and businesses. In the heart of the pavilion, digitalized information kiosks inform about METRO Cash & Carry India being a partner in the sustainable urban-rural transition, and will close the circle to the theme “StadtRäume – CitySpaces”. The visitors will playfully explore METRO Cash & Carry India’s contribution towards India’s future urban scenario. In addition, bar code scanners tell the stories of METRO products and invite visitors to experience the stories and supply chain behind the products, which are used on a daily basis by millions of people.  

In the “entertainment” part of the pavilion, a digitalized SPIN AND WIN wheel offers visitors the chance to win prizes, and entertain the crowd. METRO Cash & Carry representatives will be present to answer all questions and offer drinks in the refreshment corner.