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Jujubee - A play in Tanglish for Children and the Child in You
Artists of theatre group Perch perform the play - Jujubee

CHENNAI28 Aug 2012

Venue Cultural Pavilion, YMCA College of Physical Education, Nandanam, No.333, Anna Salai
Opening Time5:00 PM
Entry Free. All are welcome!

CHENNAI29 Aug 2012

Venue Cultural Pavilion, YMCA College of Physical Education, Nandanam, No.333, Anna Salai
Opening Time4:00 PM
Entry Free. All are welcome!
Performed by the Theatre Group 'Perch', Chennai

A kingdom of rules. An evil king. An unlikely heroine. A Jujubee… This forms the premise for a fantastic story filled with action, colourful masks, larger-than-life puppets, music and dance! 'Jujubee' is a fun play that engages children and adults alike and has received very good reviews since its premiere in February this year.12 performances have been done so far in Chennai across various spaces, and the play has been watched by about 1500 people, mostly children.

'Perch' is an active theatre group based in Chennai and formed by enthusiasts who want to push the creative envelope using theatre, film, music, art and various other forms of expression. The idea of 'Perch' came into being in 2006 when it organized a fortnight long festival called 'Angloscapes' that focused on the Anglo-Indian community and included a play, a food festival, film screenings, a photo exhibition and a music concert. 'Perch' was formally registered as a society in 2008. 'Perch's' plays include '… and sunshine follows the rain', 'SangathiArinhya! (have you heard!)', 'Moonshine and Skytoffee', 'MsMeena' and 'KiraKozhambu', all of which have been staged at major venues and festivals across the country. 'Jujubee' is the most recent and first play that mainly is for children. It has already been performed once at the Goethe-Institut in June 2012.

  • Performed by Anand Sami, Karuna Amarnath and Srikrishna Dayal
  • Music by Vedanth Bharadwaj
  • Original story by Perch, Chennai
  • Props, Puppets, Masks by Arti Sundar
  • Costumes by Kaveri Lalchand
  • Illustration and design by Kalpana Balaji and John V Mathew
  • Directed by Rajiv Krishnan
Information about Perch

-- Year of formation: 2006 in Chennai/India
-- Facts to play 'Jujubee': Premiere (February 2012), so far 12 performances, watched by roughly 1.500 people
-- Further repertory (plays): - '... and sunshine follows the rain'                                           
                                               - 'SangathiArinhya! (have you heard!)'                                           
                                               - 'Moonshine and Skytoffee'                                           
                                               - 'MsMeena'                                           
                                               - 'KiraKozhambu'
-- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Perch.Chennai
-- Website: http://www.perch.co.in/
-- Review of the play in City Express, The New Indian Express: http://newindianexpress.com/cities/chennai/article375470.ece
-- Preview of the play in Mint: http://www.livemint.com/2012/06/07195654/Of-full-moons-and-evil-kings.html