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PoeTry Slam

CHENNAI27 Aug 2012 to 31 Aug 2012

Venue 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. at Cultural Pavilion, YMCA College of Physical Education, Nandanam, No.333, Anna Salai
Opening Time10:30 AM
Entry Free. All are welcome!
Have Fun with German

Nobody is perfect! And so we called this project PoeTry! Let’s get together and have a try on writing poetry or painting it – not with colours but with words.

Anybody can join this workshop, without ever having written a single line of poetry.

So if you ever dreamt about being a poet – as writing poetry is a great Indian virtue - this is your opportunity. In this workshop we use English and German language. But never mind if you do not speak German. You will get a lot of help from our wonderful teacher to write short and sweet forms of language based on different forms of poetry, e.g. writing about a picture related to Germany or about general topics like friendship or love.

Anyway, not the perfect outcome but the process is important – and for sure, having a lot of fun. But here are some more reasons to write poetry in a foreign language. "Simple forms can give students a framework for expressing ideas that are meaningful to them, without the constraints of grammatical accuracy", scientists say. Picture poems, pattern poems or "Elfchen" – a special short form of poetry, offer ways of making German a means of personal expression, serving to reduce affective barriers in a relaxed learning environment. Sounds reasonable? Then come and have a try. Your creative instincts will be tickled - guaranteed!