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City as Serai / Yeh Shahar ek Sarai

NEW DELHI28 Oct 2012

Venue The Indraprastha "Millennnium" Park

Gate No. 1, Ring Road

Sarai Kale Khan
Opening Time5:00 PM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!
Call for entries for Poetry Slam around the theme 'City as Serai/Yeh Shahar ek Sarai'

On this magical evening, we intend to celebrate or lament the city which embraces all and yet remains alien, the city that offers a sense of belonging even as it disorients, and the city that becomes part of our identity even as it makes us more anonymous.

Rules for entry:

  • All interested individuals must send in two poetry entries around the relevant theme, one of which might be chosen by the panel of judges.
  • The panel of judges will be instituted by the Goethe-Institut.
  • The submitted poems may be in English, Hindi or German.
  • Each poem must be short enough to be recited within 3 minutes.
  • All poetry submitted must be original.
  • All entries must be submitted by the end of the day on 22nd October 2012 at the following email address: poetry@delhi.goethe.org
  • The decision of the panel of judges will be binding and definite.