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Ignite! Festival of Contemporary Dance: MeiDhwani

NEW DELHI31 Oct 2012

Venue Centre Stage, The Indraprastha "Millennium" Park

Gate No. 1, Ring Road

Sarai Kale Khan
Opening Time7:00 PM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!
The opening performance of Ignite! Festival of Contemporary Dance, MeiDhwani, is a moving dance production that explores the urban Indian experience using iconography, sound, colour and light to deliver a sensuous and passionate performance.

MeiDhwani is a performance by the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts choreographed by Jayachandran Palazhy.

The word MeiDhwani subtly alludes to echoes of the body in imagined landscapes, by linking the Tamil and Sanskrit words mei (body) and dhwani (echo or suggestion).

The production uses the urban Indian experience, combining the fragility of solitude with the chaos of turmoil and the fluidity of movement. In an unraveling spiral, it portrays individuals who are captives of circumstances and history, and traverses universal predicaments creating an individual sensorial narrative that oscillates between the suspended realms of the body and the soul.

The performance includes fire acts as a metaphor for male energy and a destructive power within, while water alludes to the ever flowing life stream representing female energy. This is further highlighted with the use of metallic pots containing unfathomable feminine infinity contrasted against the phallic, cylindrical oil lamps.

Born from in-depth research into Indian performance traditions, MeiDhwani resonates with a collective memory. Drawing sustenance from the distilled clarity of Bharatanatyam, and from abstracted animal motifs of the Kerala martial art form, Kalarippayattu, the movement language conjures latent semiotic traces of inherited physical traditions.

Festival of Contemporary Dance 2012