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Get your tongue round it!

PUNE12 Jan 2013 to 19 Jan 2013

Venue Square, Deccan College Ground, Deccan College Road, Yerawada
Opening Time12:30 PM
Entry All are welcome!

If you thought English tongue twisters were difficult, try the German "tongue breakers" (Zungenbrecher).

Zehn zahme Ziegen ziehen zehn Zentner Zucker zum Zoo 

Did you torture your tongue?

German tongue twisters are known as Zungenbrecher - literally translated: "tongue breakers". Saying tongue twisters aloud can be extremely difficult, but extremely funny when your competitor trips over the words.

Here's how it works -

Each student will be given the same German tongue twister with a time limit of 2-3 minutes to practice it.

The challenge is to say it aloud, clear and fast without tying your tongue into a knot!

A fun way to learn German pronunciation!