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Clowning Around

PUNE12 Jan 2013 to 20 Jan 2013

Venue Square, Deccan College Ground, Deccan College Road, Yerawada
Opening Time11:30 AM
Entry All are welcome!
'Shiven' Gunter Bennung

After wowing the visitors at the Urban Mela in Chennai, Shiven the Clown is all set to entertain the visitors at The Indo German Urban Mela Pune, come watch Shiven play his myriad collection of pranks.

From his first trip to India in 1971 on, Shiven has been fascinated and influenced by this country. Here he decided to follow his inner calling to entertain children as a clown. His name "Shiven", the one who loves the good, was given to him in India. Shiven is in fact a Clown with a philosopher's soul, who wants to bring peace and happiness to the world. His show is an education for the heart and the soul.

Information on the artist:

After he had worked as an actor, journalist, script-writer and sports teacher, Gunter Bennung, who was born in Berlin, became a New Zealand citizen and is now living in Copenhagen in Denmark. Since 1977 he has been known as Shiven the Clown.

Shiven has performed as a clown all over the world. He has been celebrated all over Europe, in Japan, U.S.A., Mexico, India, Australia and New Zealand! "The German Festival in India 2000/2001" invited Shiven as an "official ambassador for the children". He has performed in circuses, theatres, art festivals, schools, kindergartens, play centres, hospitals and special schools.