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Battle of the DJanes
DJ IPEK (left) will battle it out with DJ Ma Faiza (right) at the Indo-German Urban Mela Pune.

PUNE18 Jan 2013

Venue Centre Stage, Deccan College Ground, Deccan College Road, Yerawada
Opening Time7:30 PM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!
Ma Faiza vs. Dj Ipek

Both DJane Ipek and DJ Ma Faiza, known for their individual styles, take the stage to wow the audiences with an eclectic mix of music.

Ma Faiza with the ability and skill to smoothly jump genres and mix sounds, creates a vibe that touches your soul and makes you want to move. Her sound encompasses her femininity in a luscious blend of everything electronic and harmonic, with splashes of ethnic beats from all across the globe

DJane Ipek through her sets, takes the audience on an aural journey through the cultures and music of Turkey, North-Africa, Israel, Persia, the Balkans, Greece and Bollywood, as well as carefully planned escapades to the UK and USA.

Come, be a part of the epic battle between Ma Faiza and DJ Ipek.


Information on the artists:

Ma Faiza: While the rest of the world had already begun picking up on an underground electronic sound, India was slow on the uptake. A lone woman traveled to India to discover her roots and realize the Indian connection to her soul. Falling in love with her motherland, Ma Faiza allowed herself to embark on a journey that would change her life, not only as a performer but as an individual too. The calm, slow rising of a culture that was to change the way people partied in India, Ma Faiza was bringing about a revolution. Ma Faiza was soon performing all the way from sands of Goa to Ibiza. Not limited by genre, convention or margins of any kind, she has allowed cultures, people, and flavours to influence her and her own unique style.

Watching this legend perform is impossible to do standing still. Her fierce passion shines through when she takes to her stage, seducing her audience in a give and take relationship so subtle, you could almost miss it. Performing for the masses that come to experience her music is mutual concession. The energy and love that she sends out into the crowd during a show is returned back by her audiences who thrive on her music.

DJ Ipek: She is also known for her Berlin style Electro and minimal sets. Her sound “Eklektik Berlinistan” provides surprising breaks to the steady course of club music. Her emphasis clearly on kicking beats and dramatic baselines, DJ Ipek offers a DJ act out of the ordinary.

The Berlin-Istanbul-based turkish-german dj/producer/compiler Ipek influenced with her eclectic music and characteristic mixes the multilayered Berlin club scene during the 90s. Widespread magazine "Zitty" acknowledged exactly this when they ranked DJ Ipek as one of Berlin’s most important cultural contributors.

Undisputedly, DJ Ipek has earned herself a reputation in the heterogeneous landscape of international nightlife. A show is returned back by her audiences who thrive on her music.