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Contemporary Dance

PUNE16 Jan 2013

Venue Centre Stage, Deccan College Ground, Deccan College Road, Yerawada

Opening Time7:00 PM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!
By Hrishikesh Pawar

Every city has a different significance to different individuals. What Berlin might do to someone’s experience, Pune might do the exact opposite. Socrates once said, "The country, places and the trees don’t teach me anything; the people in the city do." Cities influence our thoughts, our ideas, our beliefs and eventually our behaviour.

As children, we never really understand or pay heed to what part the surroundings play, in shaping us as individuals. The insurgent sounds of your apartment building, the smells in your neighbourhood, the walk to your local grocer, sought-after sweet shops, etc. As we journey the years, we realise that memories are created not only through people but also through places.

The piece will use the Tanztheater (Dance Theatre) format of dance which has evolved from the expressionist movement which originated in Germany. Although displayed through modern dance vocabulary, the dance material is representative of our experience in a city. Interspersed with visuals of Pune and supported by prose, the Centre will set out to explore the characteristics of this city and parallel them with characteristics of the dancer performing on stage. 

Information on the artist:

Hrishikesh began dancing at the age of nine. He studied with Pandita Rohini Bhate, later studied with Guru Sharadhini Gole and is presently studying with Guru Amala Shekhar.

He began his stage career at the age of 11, when he was cast in a school play. He later studied contemporary dance at Palucca Schule Hochschule fuer Tanz, Dresden, Germany. This exposure helped him create his teaching methodology and, he began presenting solo performances of his work in the 2000s.

He has been constantly working to create platform for contemporary dance theatre in India. Hrishikesh is presently the artistic director to the Centre of Contemporary Dance


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