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Indo-German Urban Mela Pune
Agnee sets the stage on fire at the Indo-German Urban Mela

Crowds kept pulling in at the Deccan College Ground to groove to Pune’s very own rock band Agnee at the Indo-German Urban Mela today. Beginning the gig with their trademark Roadies theme-song ‘Manmani’, the band went on to interact with the crowd and render other popular numbers like Sadho Re, Aahatein and Ranjhan Yaar Di.
The scintillating sounds of their music – a medley of classic rock and pop with funk and jazz influences combined with the individual styles of the band members, left the crowds cheering and only asking for more!

Very few bands, especially rock bands have managed to create a name for themselves in the mainstream arena. Agnee, which created a stir with their debut album Agnee in May 2007, does not believe in categorizing its music. Its members bring their individual styles of composing and performing - jazz rock influences, classic rock and pop and Carnatic and Hindustani classical music.

The band members enthralled the audience with their stage presence, and their virtuoso performances, making the evening different and memorable.

Band Members:

Mohan: Vocals
The lead vocalist of the band, Mohan's primary musical instrument is the mridangam. He's from a family of Carnatic classical musicians. Mohan's forte is the way he manages to combine his understanding of melody and rhythm together to create his own unique style, both in compositions as well as on stage.

Koko: Guitars
The lead guitarist of the band, Koko's sound is one that has inspired musicians all over India to take up the guitar. He's been traditionally known for his rock and blues sound, combined with a core Indian sensibility and understanding. Now he incorporates various other styles of playing, including finger picking, jazz, funk and a lot of acoustic playing with equal panache, giving the band a wider musical range. 

Varun Venkit: Drums
Clinical psychologist, music therapist and musician, Varun aims to reach out to as many people as possible with the concept of universality of rhythm and through Agnee, expresses himself musically with his holistic approach towards percussion and rhythm. He has been playing the drums for as long as he can remember and teaches drums and percussion.

Rushad Mistry: Bass Guitar
Also known as 'The Wall', Rushad is known for his characteristic improvisational harmonic abilities, sound funk pocket playing, slapping, snapping, popping and altogether grooving..

Michael Pereira: Rhythm Guitar 
The busiest musician in the band, playing, on an average, eight shows a week. Michael comes from Goa and loves nothing more than lying on the beach with his feni and an acoustic guitar. Michael was a part of Ezee Meat and is now a part of Strange Brew and doesn't remember the last day he went without singing, playing or teaching music.

Jai Row Kavi: Drums
Born in Mumbai in 1986, he was 16 when he started playing the drums. Since then he has played with diverse musicians and bands with various genres. Jai went to the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, where he studied music and drums. He is a versatile rock drummer, who is also known to play funk and fusion and has the ability to pull out his chops when required. Jai is also a drum faculty member at the Garodia School of Music in Mumbai. 

Shellee: Lyrics
Shellee is a brilliant lyricist having won acclaim all over for songs like the smash hit "Pardesi" from Dev D.