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Indo-German Urban Mela Pune
Punekars swoon to the sounds and philosophies of the Raghu Dixit Project at the Indo-German Urban Mela

The Raghu Dixit Project in their trademark colourful dhotis and shirts, with energetic folk rock music, kept the crowds on their feet throughout their performance tonight at the Indo-German Urban Mela.  

Starting their act with the famous "He Bhagwan", the band went on to perform other hits like Masti ki Kashti, followed by a song of a renowned Kannada poet. The Kannada song has a deep philosophical meaning, "when you think you are at the top, somebody rises to the top ahead of you. And when you think you've hit rock bottom and everything is about to end, something inside you wakes you up and things start to look better again". Deep-rooted, philosophical songs are another Raghu Dixit trademark and this was evident in his performance this evening.

A true representation of today's India, The Raghu Dixit Project's presentation were a blend of ethnic folk, Sufi and classical music at their best. Ethnic and rooted at the core, and based on age old Indian poetry and folk songs, Raghu Dixit Project is at the same time, global in its outlook. It’s not a surprise that Raghu has therefore been referred to as India’s biggest cultural export of recent times and he brought musical colours to Pune at the Urban Mela.

About the artists:

Dixit has produced music for contemporary dance and theatre productions. He has composed and produced music for most of the productions by the Indian contemporary dance group 
NritarutyaGirish Karnad's Hayavadana and Black Coffee's Body Catcher have been his most famous works that brought him critical acclaim as a composer for theatre productions. He also composes for feature films.

In April 2012, he performed for Queen Elizabeth II of England at her Diamond Jubilee pageant.

Raghu Dixit’s remarkable rise has been nothing short of spectacular. The former Bharatnatyam dancer’s rousing folk rock is not only the symbol of metropolitan India’s blossoming alternative music scene, but is also making waves internationally. His music is a potent mix of folk, blues, rock, Sufi, funk, reggae, bhangra and Latin.

Raghu’s self-titled album became the biggest selling non-Bollywood record in India (2009). He has also written scores for two Kannada-language (his native tongue) movies. Both were cult hits, that are what made him popular in his home state. For the moment, Raghu is concentrating on building his international fan base, before settling to record his second album.