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Inauguration Bengaluru
Niels Storm - Solo for Two

BANGALORE24 Sep 2011 Click to view details

Venue Good Shepherd Hall, 25, Museum Road, Richmond Town, Bengaluru - 560025
Opening Time7:00 PM
Entry Entry by Invitation. Invitations are available free of charge at the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan
"The use of video is reminiscent of The Purple Rose of Cairo, but the confrontation of the dancer with his own body, which is both humoristic and sad, is actually closer to the most beautiful dance sequence ever, that of Gene Kelly in The Queen of Broadway. In this sequence, Kelly dances with/against his reflection in a store window in which he fantasizes" - Etienne Sorin

We are proud to present Solo for Two, the legendary choreography by Storm that has toured worldwide and premières in India at the Inauguration of the Germany in India Year!

Berliner, Storm, expresses the ups and downs of life in an irresistibly humorous and truthful way (Comedy has always been one of his virtues). In this perplexing piece, Storm puts all of his capacities of dancer and choreographer to work. He cleverly teams up with his own video projected image with the use of interposed images. "You Are In Harmony" proclaims, on the big screen, this b-boying emblematic persona, who chose solitude “duo-style”! The video images, shot by Storm himself, become a full-fledged artistic element in this creative piece that is full of surprises. Storm performs on stage and on the screen, on stage and with the screen, with himself and with the audience. Solo for Two is the humorous union of two characters brought together for better or for worse – Niels and Storm – who, be it acrobats, tightrope walkers or robots, enjoy themselves while walking backwards through the city and through life.The choice of electronic and jazz music electrify this incredible composition. - Marie Godfin-Guidicelli

Solo for two

Storm (berlin)

Solo, 30 minutes

Choreography, dance, music: Storm

Video : Lesh Style Productions, Niels Robitzky

Light design and -direction: Jean-Yves Desaint-Fuscien

Executive production and booking: MOOV'N AKTION

 Solo for Two - Storm (Berlin)

Information on the Artist(s)

Information on the Artist(s)

Storm started dancing as a little child, but seriously caught on to the dances b-boying, popping and locking at the age of 14. His first tours he did for "Bravo Breakdance sensation 84". Soon after that, the big fashion 'Breakdance' died out. Nevertheless, he didn't stop studying styles, got connected with other b-boys and stayed creative and productive throughout the times when Breakin´ was considered obsolete. By 1991 his group "the Battle Squad" was one of the leading b-boy groups worldwide and thanks to them and others, the art of b-boying is so alive and strong these days. In 1991 and 1992 he and his crew Battle Squad won the "international Balle of the year".

Because of the struggle in times when b-boying was out of fashion and the fact that he´s been dancing for so long, he decided to establish hip hop culture in the theatre world.From 1992 on he danced with a New York Dance Company called 'Ghettoriginal'. He has performed in shows at Washington’s Kennedy Center and at New York’s Lincoln Center. During the same period he hosted the hip hop magazine 'Freestyle' on the German TV channel Viva.

Briefly, after quitting his job in early 1996, he decided to form a dance company in his hometown Berlin, which was called the 'Storm and Jazzy Project'. With two choreographies they toured many different theatres around the world. The first performance was seen in February 1997 in the "maison de la danse" in Lyon. When he wasn’t dancing, he wrote 'From Swipe to Storm' which came out in January 2000 and tells the story of "breaking" in Germany. It was only published in German language.

Famous projects

12-01 Solo 4 Two: Solo show

03-06 Geometronomics: Theatre show with "Discipulos do ritmo" from Sao Paolo

07-09 "Storm in classical context" Improvisation to classical music


04-87 Guinness Book of Records / Most windmills

04-91 'Battle of the Year' as 'Battle Squad' 1st place

02-92 IDO World champion / Breakdance (to get the IDO title is a joke!)

05-92 'Battle of the Year' as 'Swift and Storm' 1st place

11-98 Winner at "Freestyle session 3" San Diego as "Flying tortillas"


Visit www.stormdance.de to know more!