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Step by Step – The course that Life takes
Stillness and Motion Humans and Earth Step by Step

CHENNAI13 Nov 2011 to 14 Nov 2011 Click to view details

Venue Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium, 4, Rutland Gate, 5th Street, Chennai-600 006.
Opening Time5:30 PM
Entry Entry with free ticket (ticket can be obtained here:Hippocampus Children’s Library, Old no. 4, new no 11, 3rd Avenue, Indiranagar, Adyar, Chennai-600020)

NEW DELHI17 Nov 2011 Click to view details

Venue Sammukh Auditorium, National School of Drama Repertory Company, Bahawalpur House, 1, Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi- 110001.
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Exclusively for school students

NEW DELHI17 Nov 2011 Click to view details

Venue Sammukh Auditorium, National School of Drama Repertory Company, Bahawalpur House, 1, Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi- 110001.
Opening Time6:00 PM
Entry Entry with free ticket (ticket can be obtained here: Max Mueller Bhavan, 3, Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi-1. Restricted seats:120)
Play for children by Theater 3 Hasen Oben

Step by Step is a poetic theatre about movement and development. A piece full of poetry but almost without words.

Every development begins with a first step. Once something moves, it can grow, thrive and flourish. "Step by Step" is about the beauty of potential surprise, and the vitality that is inherent in every movement.  What is needed – for progress from stillness to motion? A breath, a sound, an idea can get a movement going, which in turn triggers the next movement and the next – and something begins to run.

A flower needs the earth, the sun and the rain in order to grow. The man needs freedom; freedom - to move, to try and learn. The theatre production shows this principle of life in a playful and poetic manner.

Freedom of Movement

What actually happens when I learn to roll with my feet on the ground?

 The artists explore the relationship between humans and the earth, they make themselves familiar with the ground, snuggle intimately adapting their feet to the ground, touching it sometimes hard, sometimes soft – and the ground becomes a teammate.

And what happens when the artists take off from the ground for a moment and float?

 An idea: to have a good foothold on the ground is not contradictory to freedom, but a prerequisite for freedom. Only the one who stands firmly on the ground can use it - to jump!

 The production "Step by Step" does not simply illustrate movement but questions the meaning of stillness and motion, of weight and ease in a playful way.

Silvia Pahl and Klaus Wilmanns evoke curiosity and through experimentation create experiences, giving wings to the imagination of young and old alike. Simple steps transition into plays, dances and miniature stories, so alive and magical, that it is not surprising to see the world running on the foot soles.

It's just a question of freedom of thought and imagination.



Theater 3 Hasen Oben 
Silvia Pahl and Klaus Wilmanns first met in 1988 and have worked together in various stage-projects ever since. A decade later, in 1998, the artists established theater 3 hasen oben. They play pieces from the existing dramatic literature and their own productions for children and adults. Silvia and Klaus draw inspiration from the abundance of possibilities available and create connections between theater and various art forms. They are interested in artistic simplification and room for imagination, love and poetry.  Music and rhythm as well as text, object, material, image and motion – each in their own special way are at work in their plays. They create theatre, richly flavored with pure images and sounds, an experience for all senses.


Information on the Artists


Klaus Wilmanns

Klaus Wilmanns, was born in 1954 in Leverkusen. After graduating from high school he started studying theatre and became a freelance bass player in the free jazz cellars in Berlin. 1977 onwards, he has been playing different kinds of music such as improvised music, published records and CDs in international festivals all over Europe. In 1988 he started working in the field of theatre and in 1997 he founded the theatre 3 hasen oben together with Silvia Pahl. 

Silvia Pahl

Silvia Pahl, was born in March 1963 near Bremen. Befittingly, she spent her childhood 
watching "Winnetou," "Bonanza," "Shiloh," "Star Trek" and everything she watched; she improvised upon and revised. She did her Degree in education, applied theater and acting. After finishing her studies, she started acting in theatre and she finds doing or watching theatre the most fascinating aspect of life


3 Hasen Oben's website: http://www.3hasenoben.de/