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Stories through Sounds

NEW DELHI12 Nov 2011 Click to view details

Venue The Yamuna, New Delhi
Opening Time7:15 PM
A Percussion (and Native Sounds) Concert with Suchet Malhotra/Glenn Louvet on the Yamuna


About the Concert 'Strories Through Sounds'

Stories through sound is a music performance in which drums, percussion, ambient and native instruments from all over the world are showcased. As the music develops, listeners go through various moods, and the music takes on ever-newer colours. A forest at twilight, and you hear birds, frogs, crickets, leaves, wind through the trees etc. Suddenly the sound of a didgeridoo emerges, throbbing in rhythm. A drum joins in, and so the music grows and evolves. 

With eyes open you see craft at work-layer upon layer of sound that comes at you in waves. With eyes closed you ride through a magical world on a carpet of sounds.


For this performance, Suchet will create riverscapes-the sound of the rivers-with:

  • the Brazilian Rainstick
  • the native American Ocean Drum, and
  • other world instruments.

The performance will evolve into latin-bossa music and percussion, groovy to listen and dance to. 

About the Artists

                       Suchet Malhotra/Glenn Louvet


Suchet Malhotra is a multi-percussionist whose repertoire of drums and instruments from native and tribal cultures around the world covers the inhabited continents. He plays:

  • tabla
  • djembe
  • cajon
  • didgeridoo
  • framedrums
  • bongos, and
  • darbouka

He also plays other instruments from folk tradition:

  • lava flutes
  • fujara, and
  • many other wind instruments from folk traditions.

His vast collection of instruments find expression in 'Stories through Sound', his solo work that also uses the best sound technology on stage.


This year alone, Suchet has performed for

  • the President of India, at the World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • the Dubai World Music Festival,
  • the Aralash Fusion Festival in Bishkek and
  • the prestigious Skansen outdoor venue at Stockholm.

He has played for large orchestras (Ethno), Ensembles (The Capital City Minstrels) and world jazz with his band HFT. 

He lives in New Delhi, India.






Glenn Louvet started to perform in Europe 15 years ago in a western traditional musical environment. Now based in New Delhi, he continues his Indian Classical music journey that he started in 1997. Souvenirs from Asian, African or European stays, his set of instruments is more or less based on:

  • string (guitar, sitar),
  • harmonic instruments (jew's harp, didjeridoo) and,
  • a nice range of ethnic percussions--the Irish bodhràn, tambourin, kes kes, kalimba and others.

Performances are mostly based on traditional music and improvisation.