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Heidelberg UniverCity, Future – Since 1386
Interactive Screen-Exhibition

Heidelberg University’s interactive presentation features the university’s institutional strategy for excellence, its international collaborations as well as the symbiosis between Heidelberg University and the city of Heidelberg comprising spatial, economical, social and cultural aspects. By connecting traditional values with future-oriented scientific concepts in research and teaching, the university is building bridges to the future – The Future. Since 1386.

About the Heidelberg University

Founded in 1386, Heidelberg University is Germany’s oldest university and one of the leading research institutions in Europe. The university’s history is inextricably linked to the development of the city of Heidelberg. Through people and infrastructure, Heidelberg University shapes the city’s appearance and development more than any other institution.
Unlike in India, university campuses in Germany are usually not secluded from public space and multiple usages. Unrestricted by walls and entry gates, Heidelberg University’s campuses are spread across the city space. This spirit of openness corresponds with the university’s motto “Semper Apertus” – "Always Open".

This event will take place across the above mentioned cities as a part of the "Indo-German Urban Mela" - The centrepiece of the year of Germany in India is the “Urban Mela”, a set of modern multi-purpose pavilions, designed especially for the Year of Germany in India by renowned German artist Markus Heinsdorff. The concept behind the “Urban Mela” combines design elements from both countries with state-of-the-art textile technology, thereby creating a symbiosis of art, architecture and technology.


Contact Details

Dr. Doris Hillger, Representative, Heidelberg Centre South Asia 


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