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Indo-German Conference on "Complex Chemical Systems"

This meeting will provide a platform for the scientists to showcase their group activities and cultivate ethos of international collaborative research. The meeting will witness productive scientific interactions among leading chemists from India and Germany, young faculty members of all IISER's (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) and the students.

IISER Bhopal, an autonomous institution, was established in 2008 by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India in order to promote basic science education, globally. The primary focus of IISER Bhopal is to integrate quality teaching and contemporary research so that the bright, self-motivated and young inquisitive students get the necessary impetus to make a career in basic sciences. Young, dynamic and dedicated faculty members form an integral part of the institution who have been trained in the best of national and international laboratories.

Although the institution is in its formative stage, yet the faculty members have already shown tremendous promise in initiating independent careers in niche areas of chemical research. The conference will include 18 lectures delivered by eminent chemists from India and Germany, 15 posters by young faculty members of five IISER's and scientific and strategic brainstorming for future possibilities. It will be a great opportunity for faculties and students to discuss challenging scientific problems that needs urgent attention to address society concerns.