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Workshop on possibilities for a cooperation in security research between India & Germany

BANGALORE06 Nov 2012 to 07 Nov 2012 Click to view details

Venue Indian Institute of Science
Opening Time9:00 AM
Entry By Invitation Only

Recognising the role of scientific and technological advancement in meeting global challenges like terrorism, urbanisation, climate change or man-made accidents, India and Germany want to explore new technologies and strategies to secure the life of their citizens.

To meet these requirements and following a decision of the STC Committee in 2008, the topic "security research" is part of the Indo-German Research cooperation. A joint workshop of Indian and German experts is proposed to deepen the understanding of the mutual needs and interests in security research. The aim of the workshop is to evolve ideas for common projects and to establish consortia for research projects.

Topics of the workshop are: 

  • - Preventing and responding to natural disasters, disaster risk management
  • - Urban Security 
  • - Protection and rescue in biological risk situations
  • - Protection and rescue of people