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By virtue of the Grundgesetz (German Basic Law), the BMBF is responsible for the promotion of education and research in Germany, whilst school education and university teaching fall under the remit of the states.

Among the Ministry's most important tasks are research funding (from basic scientific research right up to promoting research in cutting edge technologies), supporting the specially gifted (promoting gifted boys and girls, trainees and students), promoting up-and-coming scientists and funding international exchanges in the fields of initial and continuing training, higher education and research. In addition, the BMBF shares responsibility with the states in the fields of non-school vocational training and continuing education, as well as in promoting training.

It is our goal to invest 10% of the gross domestic product in education and research throughout the country by the year 2015. In 2011, Federal Government expenditure on research and development amounted to a total of EUR 11.6 billion.

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