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Innovations for safe, clean, economical and enjoyable driving. Future of Mobility. Bosch Solar Systems rank among the worlds most efficient. We are aware of our company's regional and cultural origins and at the same time regard diversity as an asset, as well as a precondition of our global success.

Innovative Solutions to improve quality of life.

As an international leader in technology and services, Bosch has stayed true to its mission, with path breaking innovations that have made life easier, safer and more convenient. Today, nearly 300,000 Bosch associates across the world are carrying on this tradition through pioneering work across core business segments, and looking forward to a brighter future driven by innovation.

E-Mobility: Our vision for future mobility is one of emission-free vehicles, powered by renewable energies. We believe our e-mobility solutions can help achieve this over the long term, especially in the world's megacities.

Renewable Energies: We aim to prove that it is possible to achieve a virtually zero-emissions energy supply exclusively from renewable energies while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Energy Solutions: Helping to ensure a sustainable future for our planet is at the top of our agenda. We therefore strive to develop and produce technologies for a safer, cleaner, and more efficient energy supply. 

Safety and Security: We want the world to become more secure, a world in which people's property can be better protected and public spaces are safe. Our comprehensive range of security and communication products can help us reach this goal.

Power Tools: To deliver the innovations that will build tomorrow’s cities; our Engineers continuously develop new Power Tools. We aim to provide reliable technologies that contribute to building the future.