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In today’s connected societies, wires and cables have become an integral part of our homes and offices and are extensively used in electrical and electronic equipment.

Disregard to quality of insulation material of wires and cables causes fire mishaps by short circuit. Most of the building wires are insulated using PVC which contains chlorine and which reacts with oxygen during fire giving out dense toxic smoke and corrosive acids. The toxic smoke emitted numbs the brain activity, causes irritation, impairs vision and prevents a person from locating a safe exit thereby creating panic. Research points out that more than 15% of fire accidents occur due to poor quality of wiring.

Loss of life due to electrical fire accidents: one-third of deaths happen due to primary burning/electric shock and two-third of deaths happen due to inhaling of toxic gases.

Lapp has been promoting Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) wires and cables. HFFR wires and cables stop flame propagation through the sockets in which they are laid. They do not emit acidic gases, in-turn reducing the fatality because of smoke. The group also offers Fire Survival (FS) cables which provide protection against short circuit even when under fire.

Continuous R&D and communication with electrical consultants, architects, builders, students and general public at large, keeps Lapp Group in pace with the increased safety requirements of the building and infrastructure sector.

Only a Safe Home can help build a Safe City!